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It should really surprise no one that San Francisco has been ranked as the worst-run city in America. It has a ton of debt, high taxes, and a huge homeless population. And for San Francisco, that's where the problems start. What may surprise some people are the "top 50" worst-run cities in America. While many are obvious, others aren't.

The good news for Texas? Only one Texas city made the top 50 worst-run cities in America. And that Texas city came in at 43 out of 50. No where near San Francisco.

So which Texas city made the list for worst-run? No, it wasn't Austin... which would made sense. It wasn't even Houston, which would also make sense. Instead, Lubbock made the list at number 43.

Downtown Lubbock skyline
Topher Covarrubio

That's right, according to, Lubbock, Texas ranks among the top 50 "worst-run" cities in the United States. According to Stacker, Lubbock ranks as the worst-run city in Texas (since no other Texas city made the list).

Not much information is given about how Stacker came about their findings, but Lubbock appears to get walloped in a few categories including Health and Safety.

- WalletHub rank: #107 of 149
- Quality of city services rank: 119
- Financial stability rank: 69
- Education rank: 47
- Health rank: 106
- Safety rank: 132
- Economy rank: 91
- Infrastructure and pollution rank: 146

One of the primary focuses of the Lubbock, Texas, city government is health and safety, in which the city ranks among the lowest compared with other U.S. cities. The police department is seeking to become more open to the public to provide a safer environment for its citizens. The Texas city also is concerned about environmental health, including food safety in the city's restaurants.

Personally, I don't buy it. Sure, Lubbock has its problems, what city doesn't? But to say Lubbock is one of the 50 worst-run cities in all of the United States? No way. Austin has way more issues than Lubbock and they don't even come close to making the list.

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