Texas Tech fans have once again proved to the masses that they are the best fans (on Twitter) in the entire country.

On the Red Raiders' road to victory in the FOX College Football Best Fanbase Poll, they dispatched Texas A&M in round 1. Then, dominated huge storied programs in LSU and Florida State. Both of those matchups at close to 70-30 closing poll results in favor of Texas Tech.

The Big 12 dominated the Elite 8, but Texas Tech beat fellow Big 12 schools Iowa State in the round of eight and Oklahoma State in the Final 4.

The Championship Round was against current Big 12 members and future SEC school Oklahoma. The final three rounds were incredibly tight at 49-51, but all three rounds were Texas Tech victories.

Of course, Texas Tech fans celebrated the victory.

And you know the recruiting-forward coaching staff was all-in on the victory. Head coach Joey McGuire wants to see the same effort from Twitter in action at The Jones this Saturday.

Various Texas Tech staff members also tweeted about the victory.

The win also wasn't just a Twitter victory. Fox College Football will now purchase a billboard in Lubbock announcing that Texas Tech fans are the best in all of college football.

Will anyone remember this Twitter vote outside of Texas Tech fans in a month? No, probably not. But if the Red Raiders back it up on the field and there are a couple of sellouts at The Jones in 2022, that billboard starts to ring a little louder and a little more true. You'll also see Texas Tech and recruiters in the building lean into this hard.

A true (offseason) victory for Texas Tech and the (potential) future of the football program.

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