A man on Reddit is fuming with his brother after he disappeared for eight hours when his wife into labor.

"I was at my brother's house when my sister-in-law went into labor. They live in the countryside, so the signal isn’t too great sometimes unless they walk up the lane so my brother was supposed to take her to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance but for some f---ing reason he decided to freak out and drive off somewhere," he began.

When his brother didn't return, the man ran up the road to get a signal on his cellphone and called an ambulance, which took a long time to arrive.

"I almost had to deliver the baby for f---'s sake, she ended up giving birth in the back of an ambulance. This whole time my brother had just disappeared. He finally turned up at the hospital about eight hours after he disappeared," he continued.

When he saw his brother, he berated him for being so "stupid."

"He told me that he just got scared and didn’t know what to do. I told him that he’s going to be a sh-t dad if he keeps reacting like this," the man recalled, adding his brother started crying and called him "mean."

"I just lost it with him, he was acting like a child when he should be comforting his f---ing wife and apologizing to her for being a dick. He called me a [redacted] and told me that I don’t understand what he’s feeling. I get that he was scared but he seriously needs to get a grip and help his wife," the man concluded his post.

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Users in the comments applauded the man for being there for his sister-in-law and blasted his brother for being so irresponsible.

"He needs to get his sh-t together and seek therapy if his response to stress is to run away leaving his wife in a potentially harmful situation. And she needs to rethink their relationship if he does not," one person wrote.

"He needs to get a hold of his emotions, and his life, for the good of his family as well as his own. And he won't be able to be a good parent if things don't change," another chimed in.

"Thank you for being there for her. It shouldn't have to be your responsibility, but as a woman who has given birth twice, I can imagine how primal her fear must have been/continue to be, and it is such a kindness for you to be a trustworthy support for her. It must have been a traumatic experience for her and you, I would highly recommend a couple sessions of therapy for each of you just to work through the stress response of it all," someone else commented.

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