The most nominations for a single movie in the history of the Oscars is 14, a record held by three films: All About EveLa La Land, and Titanic. All three of those titles walked away from their respective Academy Awards ceremonies with a bunch of gold statues. Titanic had the most with 11. (It currently shares the record for the most wins in Oscars history with Ben-Hur and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.All About Eve and La La Land won a very respectable six Oscars each.

That’s what you’d expect, right? If a movie was popular enough to get a ton of Oscar nominations, it stands to reason that it would eventually win in at least a couple of categories. And historically, that’s what tends to happen in almost all cases. There have been a few notable exceptions, however. Once in a while, movies with a whole bunch of noms walk away from Oscar Sunday with a big load of bupkis.

This dubious distinction has been “earned” by some of the most famous films in history. (Sometimes, the Oscars say one thing and posterity says another.) The movies that have gotten the most Academy Award nominations without a win also includes works by some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Honestly, the list of directors that this has happened to is kind of shocking

Here are 10 examples; the movies with the most Oscar nominations and the fewest wins (i.e. zero, nada, nothing, zilch).

The Movies Nominated For the Most Oscars With Zero Wins

These movies were nominated for a slew of Oscars — and won precisely none of them.

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