There's a reason Texas is sometimes called the Wild West, and it's the animals!

The Lone Star State has no shortage of critters in the area. From the land, to the sea, and even the air! We've all seen an animal that we've potentially never seen before as well.

However, even though we may seen a new creature in Texas, not all of them could be friendly to us. Even worse, they could be harmful to the nature of the state. We'll be discussing that potential here.

Texas Parks and Wildlife has recently alerted residents of the state to not willingly place this animal in state waters, as it could quickly become a major issue.

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One Very Invasive Species Could Harm Texas, If We Let It

A social media post has alerted Texans across the state as to what this animal is. The female of the species has the ability to duplicate without the need of a male. The animal you ask? The Marbled Crayfish.

However, why is the species so harmful? Well, according to the Texas Standard, the previously mentioned rapid growth of it's population isn't good for the environment. They can even, according to Shrimp Farm University, ignore the quality of the water they live in, and tunnel into the ground if a drought occurs.

Long story short, this animal could cause problems for Texan waters, if we let it. Details on how to avoid causing a growth in population can be found here. Keep us and our waters safe Texas!

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