Did you know mosquitos are considered the deadliest animal on earth? I'm not kidding - the stats speak for themselves. So why do the good people of Clute, Texas have a mosquito festival every year?

What A Weird Celebration

There's so much to celebrate in the Lone Star State. The food, the people, the traditions, there's just so much to take in. But sometimes, there is just one thing you see that you just can't seem to understand.

That's definitely the case with the Texas Mosquito Festival.

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There's A Festival Honoring What In Clute, Texas?

According to the official website for the celebration, the party planning began in 1981. The fair was started to help bring attention to what the city of Clute brings to the table in Texas. But to say it that way it a little less fun, isn't it?

The More Fun Explanation

The organization says that in the previously mentioned year of 1981, a mosquito by the name of Willie-Man-Chew discovered the area of Clute. After searching and searching for the perfect area to land and feast, he found the town and decided it was time to alert others to the bloody bounty he'd discovered. Willie then gathered a group of people to help him celebrate his newfound home, which he affectionally called his "swat team".

So as it turns out, we were a little mistaken on what the celebrations were truly about. Hopefully, this doesn't mean the mosquitos will bite us!

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