There's nothing like a day out at the ballpark in Texas.

Whether it be the minor leagues or the big leagues, many Texans across the state always look forward to baseball season. Not only does the Lone Star State have two major league teams, but there's plenty of minor league teams anybody in the state. Every one has their favorite of course.

But going back to the Major League part of our discussion, you're either an Astros fan, or a Rangers fan. You can't go wrong with either team at the time writing, as both teams have recently won championships. But instead of on the field play, we turn our attention to the other important of gameday: food.

Yes, watching the game is always fun, but you're going to get hungry during any matchup right? Well, for the defending champion Texas Rangers, the menu is certainly interesting this year.

New Food This Year At Rangers Games? What Could It Be?

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva
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Eating at Texas Rangers games this year will certainly be an experience this coming season. How do we know? Well recently, they showed off what's on the menu.

Who knew chicken and waffles could work as a taco? Also, will those sliders be served like that? It would be interesting to say the least.

Yes, your eyes don't deceive you, Whataburger has finally made its grand entrance into Globe Life Field. So finally, patrons can enjoy Patty Melts by the diamond. That certainly sounds wonderful doesn't it?

It also seems like that you'll need some friends to enjoy all these foods, because it seems like you won't be able to eat them all alone! Without further ado, happy baseball season and happy eating Texas!

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