Texas is a state filled with many different type of plants.

We know many, with some being our absolute favorites. If you don't love the Lone Star State Bluebonnets, you may be in the minority on that one. But's there plenty of other flora in Texas to look at of course.

Listed here are just a select few, thanks to info from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center At University of Texas at Austin. We've all seen a Prickly Pear Cactus, or some Texas Purple Sage in the state right? But while those plants are enjoyable to see, there are others that don't really bring a pleasant vibe.

One of the those plants was recently found by accident in Texas, and now one person is warning of the danger of even touching this plant.

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Wait, This Harmful Plant Is Growing In Texas?

As reported by The Houston Chronicle, a resident of Lancaster, Texas, Kenzie Kizer alerted many to the plant being in her ally. After she disposed of this plant, she noticed what appeared to splinters in her arm and proceeded to wash them off in the shower.

What she didn't realize is that the situation was worse than originally thought. After her condition worsened, she went to the emergency room and discovered she had been harmed by Poison Hemlock.

If one is not careful and doesn't know what Poison Hemlock looks like, the details about the toxic plant can be found here. In addition, this is what the plant appears as in the wild:


Stay safe and be smart Texans!

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