Ah yes...Texas loves a good prank every now and then. Some pranks go a little far though...too far in fact. If you look back at Texas history, there have been many April Fools pranks that have gone VERY wrong.

What happened to the San Jacinto Monument??

Yes this is a very well known case of what happens when Photoshop goes wrong; except this WASN'T Photoshop. This was happened back in 1962 from the Houston Chronicle. An image showed the monument fallen over with a somber message claiming the monument "finally came tumbling down".

Thankfully the San Jacinto Monument is still standing proudly today.

Skip school in Texas? You get expelled!

Oh yeah back in the 1800s, skipping school was punishable by expulsion. That's what happened for 70 students who attended Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas in 1880. All of the students sent a letter saying they were skipping school "solely for the purpose of mirth". In other words... well because it was funny. The school's president, Francis Asbury Mood, made a contract for all the students to sign, admitting fault and they will never do it again. 20 students did. The other 50, well they were gone. Eventually all the students were able to come back after promising they too would never do it again.

So yeah... the message is clear from this one: don't skip school because you'll definitely get in trouble.

The Texas favorite Whataburger has candles??

Sadly no. Back in 2019,  Whataburger "announced" a new line of Whataburger scented candles. Of course people were excited... until they watched it and saw the ending message. Not gonna lie... you had us in the beginning. But if Whataburger ever decides to make this a reality, let us know!

SWAT were called at a Tomball, TX pub in 2011

Yeah if police are called, you know things won't end well. And SURPRISE! It didn't for one woman who worked at Molly's Pub near Houston; she texted her teenage daughter claiming that she was being held hostage. Her daughter, being the amazing daughter, called the police who acted swiftly. SWAT team members surrounded the place, catching the woman & a customer off guard. The woman apologized vehemently and thankfully the police let her go. I hope she didn't try that again...


Now of course pranks are usually done in the spirit of lightheartedness. So make sure the next prank you pull is all in good fun...don't do anything where people would get hurt or in trouble. Then the prank is ruined & that's no fun...

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