If you live in Texas, you're bound to see snakes & I am terrified of them. They are slithery creatures that you should DEFINITELY not mess with. If they're out in the wild, that's fine. That's their natural habitat. However on occasion, they've been known to be sneak in areas such as our homes, backyards, or cars and THAT...THAT'S where I have a problem.

We've seen snakes found in the hoods of Texas cars at home

Who can forget the story of the Texas mom, Nicole Graham, who, along with her daughter Hailey, found a GIANT snake in the engine bay of their car? Oh and of course this snake was laying eggs at their farm too. That's...that's just great.

It's even worse when snakes are found on Texas roads

How about the story of the 2 guys who found a snake pop out from the hood of the car on a Texas highway...WHILE THEY WERE DRIVING? I'm honestly shocked they didn't crash the car when they saw the snake emerge.

One North Texas man found a rattlesnake in his car vent

Now THIS man was extremely lucky to not get bit by finding a rattlesnake just chilling in the car's air vent. I would've immediately sold that car if that was MINE.

Our brave Texas boys in blue have had to wrangle snakes from parking lots too

Yet another reason why I couldn't be a cop: sometimes you have to deal with wild animals. In this case the Irving Texas police department had to wrangle an 8 ft. long PYTHON from a parking lot at an apartment complex. God bless those brave cops... I couldn't have done that.

This Arizona couple found an unexpected visitor in the backseat of their car.

How would you like to find a rattlesnake in your car? Well that's what one couple found earlier this month in Phoenix, Arizona.

The worst is finding 45 snakes under your Texas home

Yeah...not 1 but 45 SNAKES were found underneath a home in Albany, Texas in March 2019. 45 rattlesnakes were found under the house &the longest one was 5 and a half feet long. If that was my house... hey that house is going up for sale IMMEDIATELY.

So what's the best way to remove snakes from your home or car in Texas?

Well the first thing to do is DON'T PANIC. The last thing you need to do is startle it and have it attack you. That'll make things MUCH WORSE. Even though most snakes are not venomous, their bites can do serious harm. Instead, to safely remove snakes is:

  • Open any doors and windows for the snake to get out
  • trap the snake if you can; create a barrier around it too.
  • get rid of any food or water around it
  • and most importantly, call a snake removal specialist (or 911 if you need)

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to make sure that MY car doesn't have anything it SHOULDN'T inside...

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