Jamie Lynne Grumet, the 26-year-old mom who posed for the cover of Time magazine breastfeeding her three-year-old son for a story on attachment parenting, appeared on ‘Today’ and discussed the controversial image making waved on the Web.

Grumet said she understands why the photo has caused such a “media frenzy,” but she argued that detractors simply don’t understand the “nurturing” side of the parenting philosophy, which involves breastfeeding well into early childhood, co-sleeping and carrying children in a sling.

“I feel like they don’t show the nurturing side to attachment parenting … this isn’t how we breastfeed at home,” she said. “It’s more of a cradling, nurturing situation.”

Still, Grumet admitted that attachment parenting isn’t suitable for all parents. “It’s a big commitment and it’s not right for everybody,” she said.

As for Grumet, she plans to continue breastfeeding her son for at least one more year. “I’m hoping our fourth year … is probably going to be our final [one],” she said.

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