Frank Fumich is a 45-year-old from Arlington, Virginia. And he usually runs about two marathons a month.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, he decided he needed to do something to help out the victims. So he decided to run three back-to-back marathons - one for each of the three people that die. That's a total of 78.6 miles.

He did the run on Saturday. Friends and family members joined him for part of it, but Frank did the entire run.

His goal was to raise $26,200, which would be $1,000 per mile of a marathon. Fumich hit that goal, and delivered the money to the family of Martin Richard, the young boy killed in the explosion.

He beat his goal by $8,000, and plans to give the rest to Jeff Bauman who lost his leg in the blasts.

Watch a video report about Frank Fumich and his 78+ mile run:

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