This may be a strange question to ask as businesses are just now reopening their doors and people are transitioning back to working at the office instead of working from home, but do you plan on taking a vacation this summer?

A new survey published by PRNewswire indicates a large percentage of us plan on keeping our noses to the grindstone all summer long.

Here's how some of the numbers break down. While 16% of us say we'll take more time off this summer (lucky dogs!), 28% say they'll be taking fewer days off. Another 37% said they'll save their summer vacation time for later in the year, hoping that travel would be easier and / or safer in a few more months.

Of those that are not taking time off 14% said they simply have too much work to do. 22% said they would like to but have had to tighten their financial belts because of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on their income so going somewhere for a vacation is simply out of the question.

One fifth of the people in the survey indicated that while they may not be going anywhere on an out-of-town vacation they did plan to take some time off for self care or mental health maintenance.

When it came to how various companies are handling things only 25% of those in the study said their employer had actively encouraged them to use their vacation time while 66% reported no input from their employers either way. 9% indicated that their employers had actively encouraged them not to take any time off.

The study was conducted by global staffing firm, Robert Half, and involved 1,000 United States office workers.

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