Former Miss Ukraine Veronika Didusenko revealed how she and her son managed to escape Kyiv through the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

In a new interview with Extra, the pageant queen detailed how she and her 7-year-old son have been living since Russia's invasion of her home country. They woke up to explosions and the sounds of air raid sirens on the first day that Russian forces invaded. They left their home to join others to evacuate.

The 26-year-old mother and model is currently in Los Angeles while her child is in Switzerland to be with his friends and will be going back to him at the end of this week.

Didusenko said that the "dangerous" experience was something that she cannot get out of her mind.

"The Russian military forces started to bomb at 5 in the morning," she recalled. "We were driving for like 18 hours… the military cars on the one side and the passengers on the other side. So it will end with Russian helicopters flying over our heads… It was really scary."

She told the outlet that she would love to tell President Biden, “I would say that Ukraine needs help. We need weapons, supplies. We need more sanctions against Russia.”

Didusenko hopes that they will create a no-fly zone over Ukraine. “We desperately needed it because of the amount of people who are dying in Ukraine… A friend of mine died from the explosion in Kharkiv. It was a 21-year-old girl,” she shared.

“We urgently need people who are in the cities which are occupied, fully occupied, we need them to, like, escape, so we need them to go freely and peacefully… children and the mothers, while their husbands are fighting in Ukraine. We want peaceful citizens to be able to leave the war zone. So there is [the] number one priority right now to save people’s lives in Ukraine,” she stressed.

“The whole Ukraine is united right now… We believe that we can resist and we can fight back. We will fight and win in this war. And we are staying for our freedom. And for our land,” Didusenko concluded.

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