It’s always good to see Fallstown getting a little love.

In a press release, the City of Wichita Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) announced filming for a new Church’s Chicken commercial had recently taken pace right here in good ol’ Whiskeyta Falls.

The commercial promotes their new Texas Cut Bacon Chicken Sandwiches, but it also spotlights Church’s push to reinstate Bacon, TX, the Wichita County community that unfortunately fell off the map 100 years ago.

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Bacon was once located just north of Wichita Falls in the area near Howmet and Bacon Switch Road, which is where the commercial begins.

You’ll notice some familiar landmarks like Big Blue and the Wichita Theater along with a few local actors provided by Backdoor Theatre.

Susan Kimes, Marketing Manager for the Convention and Visitors Bureau had this to say about the project:

We are so excited that Church’s Chicken contacted the CVB for assistance with this project and that some of Wichita Falls most recognizable tourist attractions will be included in the commercial. Church’s Chicken has a loyal consumer following, as well as influential brand recognition. Anytime Wichita Falls and our local landmarks are included in a project like this, it’s beneficial for our community as a whole.

The press release also points out the fact that Wichita Falls has been deemed a “Film-Friendly” by the Texas Film Commission. Hopefully that means we’ll see some more filming being down here in the future.

Church’s has also reached out to the Wichita Falls Food Bank and is planning to make a donation to the organization.

The commercial began airing today.

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