You throw Wichita Falls into your title and I will probably talk about it.

Looks like I am discovering all sorts of new music about our city this week. Yesterday I found one from Rock and Roll Hall of Famer T-Bone Walker called 'Wichita Falls Blues'. That song is from 1929 and I have no idea how I never heard about it til yesterday. Today though, I have a song that just dropped last year.

The only reason I knew about it is because someone put the song up on YouTube this week. I was literally the first view on it so I feel like I found some hidden treasure today. The song is simply called 'Wichita Falls' and it's by an artist named Kent Goodson. I literally know nothing about this guy.

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I found a Kent Goodson on Google that plays piano over in Nashville. This 'Wichita Falls' song is on a compilation album called 'A Rose, is a Rose, is a Rose' that came out last year. It features Kent's Wichita Falls song. It looks like the Spotify page for the artist and this piano player match up.

I actually reached out to Kent on his Facebook Page and here is what he had to say about writing a song called Wichita Falls while living over in Tennessee.

I wrote the song and recorded it in my home studio years ago. I hired a demo singer to sing the song. It is fictional. I started writing the song about a dancer from Wichita Falls who went to NYC to become a Broadway star and ended up on the streets, alcoholic dancing on the sidewalks for tips. I made my living in music business playing piano mainly for George Jones.

Kent did say he doesn't really have a Wichita Falls connection. He has stopped through on a tour with George Jones back in the day. If anybody knows any other songs that mention Wichita Falls, let me know. I love finding stuff like this.

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