A Fort Worth police officer is lucky to be alive after a routine traffic stop.

The incident happened back on July 7, but is just now making the rounds online.

Dascam video from Officer Matt Lesell’s cruiser shows him walking up to a car he had pulled over for a traffic offense. Right about the time he starts to talk to the driver, another car sideswipes the police car and then smashes into the other car, ultimately sending the officer flying through the air.

Even though he does a complete flip before rolling off of the hood of the car into the highway, Lesell manages to get back up and make his way to the side of the road to call for backup.

Responding officers were able to do a wellness check on the traffic violator and detain the drunk driver.

34-year-old Mike Mitchell was arrested for intoxicated assault causing serious bodily injury to a police officer.

Officer Lesell suffered a fractured vertebra and a hyperextended foot, but is expected to make a full recovery.

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