The kindness of a stranger brought attention to Donte Franklin and the trek he makes to work.

I don't know about you, but walking to work sucks. Granted I only did it once in my life and that was when I was working at the library in my town. That walk was maybe the equivalent of four blocks. Nothing compared to what Donte Franklin up in Moore, Oklahoma is doing. He currently walks eight miles to his job at Buffalo Wild Wings.

This past week it was a very hot day and Michael Lynn was driving past Donte. He asked if he was OK because walking out in this heat is no fun. Donte said nope, just going to work. Michael offered him a ride and the two went up the road to BWW. On the way, Michael couldn't help but ask how far Donte walks. He said eight miles and he leaves about three hours before his shift starts.

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In all his years, Donte has never been late to work. Michael couldn't believe that Donte does this almost every day to get to and from work. Especially during the brutal summer months. Michael shared Donte's story on Facebook and a GoFundMe was started for him. Through the kindness of strangers, over $26,000 has came in so far so Donte can buy a car.

Donte doesn't even have a driver's license, so while he learns to drive, another stranger donated him a bicycle so that he can get to work a little faster. "I can really help my family with this," said Donte, "It’s just a really good blessing." If you would like to donate to Donte, you can do so here. I think I could maybe walk to work in the fall, but no way I am making it every day from June through August.

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