An anonymous tip led police to this house that they say they could smell from the street. 

Cynthia Morgan has been placed under arrest for child neglect after officers searched her home this past week. Five children in total were living in the residence up in Enid, Oklahoma. “I stepped out of the car and I could immediately smell kind of an odor coming from the house,” said Officer Thomas Rhyne, with the Enid Police Department.

Officers said the house was filled with trash and feces. Some of the children actually had bugs crawling on them. “He was sitting there and he had a fly or a roach or something, some sort of animal crawling on his forehead; and he was just sitting there staring at me,” Rhyne said.

Neighbors said the house always had trash outside of it, but the children always looked healthy. They were clean and always well fed one neighbor said. This isn't Cythnia Morgans first run-in with Child Protective Services.

Last year, one of Morgan’s children sneaked out of the house and was caught roaming the back alley alone. Once officers located Morgan, they went inside the home and noticed the same conditions. In 2016, Morgan told officers that she was sick and couldn't keep up with the house. This time, she told police it was because of a new job.

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