If I bit into this, I am letting you know right now I would probably vomit.

Allow Me to Introduce You to Bakery Lorraine

Over in San Antonio, you have a lovely bakery named Bakery Lorraine. Named a top ten bakery in the country. Judging from the photos on their Instagram page, everything looks quite tasty. They offer cakes, cookies, rolls, and it looks like people love their macaroons as well. However, Bakery Lorraine has gone to far with their latest concoction.


WHO IS ASKING FOR THIS?! I swear to god pickle people are the worst! You demand we put this god forsaken thing in everything! We're not adding pickles to my delicious desserts. This is the hill I am willing to die on. Apparently one of the pastry chef's named Kristina made a pickle curd buttercream.


Judging by the comments the split is 50/50 on whether these should exist.

Cursed and iconic


This should have been posted on April 1. Ewww


Wow I am embarrassed to have the same name as someone who created such a horrid monstrosity ‍♀️

^I am with these people. This thing should have stayed in the depths of hell where it belongs. If I am ever in the San Antonio area Bakery Lorraine, I will 100% buy every other flavor of your macaroons. Pickles and sweets should not be a thing. Also the town of Mansfield, Texas can also suck it with their pickle festival they put on every year. Disgusting!

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