Drag queen RuPaul is marching across New Hampshire (presumably in a pair of stylish yet comfortable matching pumps) to make sure the voters in the latest Republican Presidential primary know that he/she is not Ron Paul.

Politico reports that the singer, writer and star of the Logo reality show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ made a stop at a local diner in Manchester, N.H. to help clear up any possible confusion between himself/herself and the Texas Congressman in his bid for the Republican nomination.

RuPaul said in a press release that he/she isn’t particularly political and didn’t make it clear if he/she was going to campaign across the state during the primaries as part of his/her reality show or his/her attempt to meet the Presidential hopeful. RuPaul did take the opportunity to spread his/her message about peace, love and equality to the GOP hopefuls.

“Let us not forget that this great nation was founded by a bunch of men wearing wigs,” RuPaul said in his/her press release. Check out RuPaul’s speech to New Hampshire voters below.

[Mediate, via Fark]

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