Today I learned the first modern hotel was located in Dallas, Texas.

The Statler Hotel in Dallas

I will be honest, I've never heard of this place, but when it opened in 1956. It was considered the first modern hotel in America. At the time of it's opening, it was the largest hotel in the southwest. Attracting many visitors to Dallas to check it out. They also became a first in the hotel industry for many things.

Statler Hotel Invented Elevator Music

It's been awhile since I have been in an elevator that had music playing while you wait to get to your floor. I guess I am just not going to enough fancy places. The Statler Hotel was the first elevator to ever have such a feature.

The First Hotel With a TV in Every Room

Back in the day, a TV in your room was an extra up charge. The Statler became the first hotel to feature a 21 inch TV in every room.

The Iconic Hotel Closed in 2001

The legendary hotel which underwent several name changes throughout the years shuttered its doors for a few years, but don't worry. You can now stay at this iconic hotel once again.

Statlet Hotel Reopened in 2017

After a complete renovation of the building, the property is now known as The Statler Hotel and Residences. The first five floors have 159 hotel rooms. The remaining eleven floors are actually apartments, yes you can now live at this once iconic Dallas hotel. Pretty cool piece of Texas history that many don't know about in Dallas.

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