A North Texas woman who was in a time of need received an amazing gift from a stranger recently. The woman had gone to a Dallas jeweler to try to sell a piece of jewelry that her mother had given her. She said she had bills due and was broke and this was the last resort.

The jeweler, Noah, had a different idea. He found out how much she was wanting, reached into his own pocket, and gave it to the women. Then he did something really surprising. He gave her back the necklace she was trying to sell.

The entire scene was captured on the store's cameras and has since gone viral. The woman was so happy that she began hugging Noah. Who would expect a stranger to be so generous?

The stranger in this situation also happens to be a Syrian refugee. Noah and his family escaped from the civil-war in their home country two years ago. According to CBSDFW, he and his family came here seeking asylum.

Noah says that being generous and helpful to others in a time of need just seemed like the right thing to do. It's the same generosity that helped his family come to America in the first place. Noah said to CBSDFW, “Doesn’t matter what religion you are. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. This is our humanity. Everybody should do that.”