Obviously, the computer is the new cornerstone of my chosen profession.  From music, to commercials, to public service announcements to blogs, we have to have computers.  They're frustrating.  They're awkward.  They've figured out that I'm not a 14 year old boy and am easily dazed and confused.  I try so very hard to take care of this lump of plastic and silicone.  Firewall?  Check!  Up to date virus software?  Check!  Diligence in screening emails?  Check!  Ibuprofen?  Check!  But nonetheless, there's some 15 year old punk or some 35 year old loser in mom and dads basement plotting against us all.  Writing viruses designed to do everything from steal your passwords to robbing your bank without ever drawing a gun.  My virus software must think I'm some kind of nut.  I update it constantly. I am just a little paranoid.  I've lost a computer to a virus before.  I've spent hours cussing someone, yet had no idea who to blame.  There are two kinds of computer owners in this world: those who've had viruses and those who will.  I spent a good four hours today, running the virus scans, updating, scanning again.  All clear, so far.  But those of us who still remember life before these electronic demons came into our homes and businesses sometimes sit back and reminisce about the good ole days.