The world famous hardcore wrestler is now being shown some love in his hometown of Amarillo, Texas.

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Sadly back in August, the wrestling world lost one of the true legends of the sport. Terry Funk was a part of pretty much every big wrestling promotion throughout his over fifty year career. WWF, WWE, WCW, TNA, ECW all at one point in time had Terry Funk on their roster. Well now Terry is immortalized in his hometown of Amarillo, Texas.

Terry Funk Talks About Getting His Start in Amarillo, Texas

Now technically, Terry Funk was born in Hammond, Indiana. However, his family moved to Amarillo when he was just a few years old. So he has no memories of his time there. When Terry Funk took the ring during his wrestling career the ring announcer would usually say, "From the Double Cross Ranch in Amarillo, Texas...Terry Funk!"

Check Out the Terry Funk Mural in Amarillo, Texas Below

Turns out Amarillo recently had the Hoodoo Mural Festival and an artist by the name of Jeks did this one at 510 S Polk Street in downtown Amarillo. In my opinion, the best mural of the festival. Mainly for the fact it is of someone I spent a lot of my childhood watching. Hopefully this mural stays up for years to come in downtown Amarillo. R.I.P. to Terry Funk.

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