True crime and unsolved murder tv shows and podcasts are extremely popular now and have been for a few years now. In the Texarkana, Texas-Arkansas area, here are five unsolved murder cases that police still need help in solving.

Fredric Griffin

Fredric Griffin was 32 years old when he was killed in 2016 in the Beverly area of Texarkana.

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According to KTBS: it took place on January 28, 2016, police say Griffin was shot at least once in the upper body at his home in the 500 block of Waterman Street. No weapon was found at the scene. Griffin died at Christus Saint Michael's hospital where he worked. Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Texarkana Texas Police Department or Crimestoppers at 903-793-STOP.


Scott Roberts

This next one is a tough one, Scott was a good friend of mine. This past July 2, 2021, marked the 6th anniversary of ' death and it's still unsolved.


Back in 2015, Scott was shot multiple times in his home. He was found by concerned family members when they couldn't reach him by phone. You can see more information at TXKToday. There is a $10,000 reward for anyone who has information that leads to an arrest. Anyone with information on this murder is asked to contact the Texarkana Arkansas Police or Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP


Bobby Hamilton

Bobby Hamilton was last seen on May 29, 2007, at Sunset Apartments in Texarkana, Texas.

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Reports say that witnesses saw him get into an SUV with three men. He never came home. His body was later found in a lake in Miller County, Arkansas. The autopsy showed he had been shot. You can find out more at  If you have any information in this case, please call Texarkana area crime-stoppers at 903-793-STOP.


Daryl Crouch

Daryl Crouch was 36-years-old when he was killed in a car bombing in early February 1987. He was the president of Walsh-Lampkin Drug Company on Stateline in Texarkana. His 10-year-old daughter was in the car with him. She was injured but she survived. His wife was injured in another car close by but also survived the blast. According to the Associated Press, at least eight cars were damaged when the bomb went off.


The Phantom Killer

And then of course the most famous unsolved murder case in Texarkana. The Phantom Killer, also known as the Moonlight Murders and the subject of the film 'The Town That Dreaded Sundown'. The Phantom Killer attacked eight people in a ten-week period back in 1946, 5 of whom were killed. There is so much information on these murders that took place for a starter you can check out the video below.

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