It’s a miracle no one was killed in this incident.

Imagine relaxing on a peaceful Monday afternoon when all of a sudden you hear a loud bang come from inside your home. That’s exactly what happened to a family in Channelview, Texas yesterday (June 5).

The owner of the home, Jose Ortiz, told ABC 13 his sister-in-law was laying in a hammock outside the home while their children were playing in the yard when it happened. She then went inside to investigate and that’s when she found a large gas tank had ripped through the roof and cratered the living room floor.

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How did the tank become airborne?

It turns out that a man was trying to dispose of the tank at a home roughly 900 feet away. Antonio Medralo said the tank had been at his home since he bought it several years ago.

Medralo was tired of looking at it, so he decided to try to get rid of it by using a saw to splice it. That’s when the pressure of the tank released and sent it – and Medralo – flying through the air.

Miraculously, Medralo walked away with only a cut on his forehead and a scrape on his back.

What will the Ortiz family do next?

The Ortiz family is currently trying to figure out where they will stay while they try to raise the money to repair the home. If you would like to help the family, a GoFundMe page has been set up for donations.

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