Want to cruise around without having to pay the state? Well you could have paid this guy to take care of that for you.

Looks like a group of fellas has a nice little scam going on. They were issuing fake paper tags for vehicles so folks could get around without having to pay the state. How do you do this? You register to get a GDN license in the state, which is a basic dealer license in the state. Once approved for your business, you can start issuing temporary tags.

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Looks like Daniel Rocky Christine-Tani out of Sugar Land, Texas said he had a used car dealership. The problem is Daniel does not have a used car dealership. It looks like Daniel and three other guys used fake identities, drivers licenses, lease agreements and business signs in the online application portal to obtain GDN licenses for this fictitious car dealership.

Looks like they were printing out these paper tags like crazy. No word yet on an official amount, but investigators believe over 700,000 were sent out to folks throughout the United States. Obviously, if someone has a temporary tag and they're pulled over. They can just tell the police, I will be taking care of that once it expires. Then these people get a new one and continue scamming the state.

I have to respect the hustle, but you guys got caught. If convicted, they could be facing up to 20 years in prison and a possible maximum fine of $250,000. Guess we wait and see what happens to these guys.

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