Thankfully someone spotted the newborn before something terrible happened.

Sarah Shibley, 33, and Gary Collins, 39, were charged with endangering a child this past Tuesday (3/21) after they left their eight-week-old in a car seat on the ground in a parking lot in Katy, Texas.

A prosecutor said in court on Wednesday that the couple claims they left the infant in the parking lot by mistake.

"Mrs. Shibley advised she walked out of work with the child in her hand and placed him on the ground. She says she thought Mr. Collins grabbed the child and put him in the vehicle. Apparently, nobody did," the prosecutor said.

A man found the baby after it had been alone in the parking lot for almost an hour. He handed the child over to Dee Griffin-Stevens, who cared for the baby until police arrived.

"I was crying. I was crying because I couldn't believe it was happening," Griffin-Stevens told KTRK. "I'm holding him and I'm thinking, 'Where's your mom?'" You can see the video of her holding the child below.

The baby is currently being held by Child Protective Services and they say the baby looks to be in healthy condition.

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