If you plan on exploring one of our great Texas parks, don't do this on your next visit.

You learn something new everyday, but this is something that I remember learning in cub scouts back in the day. You may remember the phrase, "Leave no trace". If you go camping or spend a day at the park. Their should be no trace that you were there earlier. Well it looks like a Texas Park stumbled upon something this week that some people may not think is harmful, but actually is.

Over in Glen Rose, Texas the Dinosaur Valley State Park shared a photo of something one of their park rangers stumbled upon. It looks like some park goers decided to stack some rocks up. Which doesn't seem like a big deal to us, but creatures in this park depend on those rocks for protection. Doing something like this could mess up the ecosystem of the park.

I decided to see if this is popular trend and you can find a bunch of videos online of folks doing this. I guess people find it relaxing or fascinating balancing different rocks on top of each other.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife also says the structures could confuse hikers or bikers thinking that the area is off limits and they shouldn't go that way, when technically they can. So remember, don't be a d*** the next time you take a hike.

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