For the first time ever, a House Speaker has been ousted by a vote. What happens now? Well one Texan has an interesting idea.

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By a vote of 216-210, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was voted out of his position. This has never happened before and for the time being Rep. Patrick McHenry, Republican of North Carolina is the speaker "pro tempore". This has lead to people speculating who the new Speaker of the House could be and one Texan has an idea that will definitely get national attention.

Texas Representative Troy Nehls

Texas Representative Troy Nehls represents District 22 in Texas which is an area just west of Houston. Troy Nehls threw this idea out last night. Former President Donald Trump as the next Speaker of the House. This quickly lead to several others agreeing with endorsement. Has this ever happened before, a non-member of the House of Representatives as the Speaker of the House? No, this would be the first time it has ever happened. Don't get too excited Trump supporters, it looks like Donald Trump does not even want the position.

Trump's Statement on the Nomination This Morning

From this video taken this morning, it seems like the Former President is focused on his current presidential campaign for 2024. Seems like he's willing to help find the right person, but I don't think he necessarily wants that position. We will wait and see what happens to the Speaker of the House position over the coming weeks. Maybe the former president could be swayed into the position over the week.

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