Doesn't get much lower than literally stealing the dead.

A family from North Carolina was visiting Houston this past weekend and stayed at a local hotel. Unfortunately, their vehicle was broken into in the parking lot. Surveillance video shows the suspect smashing their window in and taking their belongings out. "The first thing he grabbed was our son's urn, put that in his vehicle, then proceeded to go back in. (He) stole some new Western boots my wife and daughter bought and stole my wife's purse," Chris Lundgren explained.

In the video above at about the 1:05 mark you can see the urn that was stolen. It's in a very lovely carved wooden box. "It means everything. We lost our son last September and this is all we have left of him other than memories," April Lundgren said. "He was so full of life.  He would give the shirt off his back to anyone. He was very caring and loving."

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The family unfortunately has done everything they can. They have turned the surveillance video over to police and given them all the details on the urn. They honestly just want that returned no questions asked and are even offering a reward. "We just want it back, no questions asked. We don't care about any of the other items. We don't care about what took place," Chris said. "All that stuff is replaceable, fixable. We just want Blake back."

Sadly the family had to travel back to North Carolina, but it kills them to not have their son with them due to the actions of this thief. Hopefully the person realizes what this is and finds a way to return it.

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