Curiouser and curiouser the world becomes. As the United States and other nations around the world wrestle with statues of historical figures that have fallen from grace, the next logical question is what to replace those statues with.

Well, one person in West Virginia would like to replace all nine of the Confederate statues in the state with monuments to Mothman. Yes, you read that right, Mothman. In fact, there's already a petition to do just that.

According to legend, Mothman is a man-sized creature with moth-like wings that terrorized people in the Point Pleasant, West Virginia, area beginning in the mid 1960s. The first recorded sighting was by five men digging graves in a cemetery in 1966. They say they saw something man-shaped flying low over the nearby trees.

Over the next few days there were more reports, including one by some volunteer fire fighters who described it as a "large bird with red eyes." Other reports described Mothman as a "large flying man with ten-foot wings" and a large gray creature who's eyes "glowed red."

When the Silver Bridge collapsed and killed 46 people the catastrophe was tied back to Mothman.

Mothman sightings continue to this day and have even been reported as far away as Moscow.

Lest you disregard this too quickly, the legendary creature was the subject of a 2002 movie called The Mothman Prophecies.

No low-budget, B-rated movie, this film featured big name stars like Richard Gere and Laura Linney and grossed over $55 million worldwide.

It was also in 2002 that Point Pleasant held its first Mothman Festival, a festival that routinely draws 10 - 12 thousand people a year. Point Pleasant is also home to the Mothman Museum and Research Center.

I suppose if we can't have monuments to history we may as well have something unusual and fun.

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