Well, the dispute between the Wichita Falls Farmers Market Association and Downtown Development appears to be over. 

Since the dispute between the two organizations began, WFFMA had several area businesses step up and offer property for its members to use to sell their meat, produce and other goodies. WFFMA members have made their decision on where to relocate.

Their new facility is at the One Life Community Church pavilion, 807 Austin Street in downtown Wichita Falls. Business hours are the same as the original location. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 7:30am-1pm through October 22.  


You will still find the freshest produce, arts and crafts and many of the same vendors that you saw at the original downtown location.  

Speaking of the original downtown location, rumors have circulated that all vendors moved to the Austin location but that's not true. Some vendors really like the original location downtown and they have chosen to stay. If you want more information, you can connect with their Facebook page here.

It’s sad that the two organizations couldn’t come together to find an amicable solution but maybe more than one location for the farmer's market just means good, healthy competition for us consumers, right? 

Let us know your opinion in the comments. 

(By now, you’ve heard about the drama between the Wichita Falls Farmers Market Association and Downtown Wichita Falls Development. But if you aren’t up-to-date on what’s been happening, you’ll want to read here to understand what led to the WFFMA's move.)

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