When ever I’m driving around town, and waiting at the traffic light at the corner of Call Field & Lawrence Road, I always wonder if the city is ever going to sell the empty lot on the corner. Well, it look like that I won't have to wonder anymore.

Last week the Wichita Falls City Council met to discuss a variety of different issues, including building affordable housing, allowing electric scooters to operate downtown, and what to do with that grass vacant lot on the corner of Call Field and Lawrence Road.

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At the meeting the city council announced that they were finally opening up bids for the what many consider to be prime real estate. The property was recently appraised at $492,464, and since then not only have land values gone up, but the city has been approached by many commercial developers to purchase the property outright. Most recently, one interested developer offered $600,000 for the vacant grass lot, however the city declined to sell it.

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All interested parties must submit their sealed bids to the city by March 17th at 1:30 PM. At 2 PM, on the same day the sealed bids will be opened, and the council will vote on which applicant to sell the property too. While the city will consider all reasonable bids from interested parties, the city is not obligated to sell the vacant lot to any of the bidders.

There are also few types of businesses and structures that are prohibited from being built on the property. Gas stations, liquor stores, or any type of sexually oriented business are forbidden from operating on the property. Billboards will not be allowed to be constructed either.

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Google Maps - Street View

So what would you like to see open up on the vacant grass lot? Some people want to see restaurants, others want retail shops.  However, some residents prefer that the lot stays vacant, since the traffic congestion in the area is bad enough already.  Would you prefer to see a restaurant, a boutique clothing store, a coffee shop, or nothing at all?

Personally I’d like to see a smoothie shop, which would be a great place to grab a quick cool refreshment on a hot, Texas summer day.

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