Would love to be number one on this list one day, but I will settle for top five.

Let's be honest, two reasons we LOVE living in Wichita Falls is the cost of living and also lack of traffic. I wish some of you people knew how to drive on the roads, but that will be a story for another day. Let's talk about our cost of living because Wichita Falls got a shout out from The Council of Community and Economic Research in their latest report.

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We always expect a Texas City to rank in the top ten of these reports. Actually, Texas is leading the way. You want the most bang for your buck. Move to Harligen, Texas, near the very southern tip of the state. It has been given a score of 75.6, which you want the lowest score possible in their rankings. The highest score was given to Manhattan, New York with a 237.6. By the way, no other area in the country was ranked over 200.

What about Wichita Falls?

Well it looks like we have been given a ranking of 89.5 for quarter three of 2022. Six different categories went in to determine the average cost of living for a certain area: housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, health care and miscellaneous. Wichita Falls ranked near the middle according to the report of just about every category in Texas. So I guess that gives us about a C average for Wichita Falls. Hey, I'll take it!

Who beat out Wichita Falls?

As I mentioned earlier, Harligen is the cheapest place to live in Texas. Only three others beat us out. McCallen, Edinburg, and Mission were all thrown into one group since they're in the same metropolitan area. They received a score of 78.8. Amarillo came in at three with a score of 84.9 and the last city to beat us out was Waco with a score of 87.7. If you want more info on the rest of Texas, you can read more here.

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