Corporate is probably thinking I am doing some online shopping while I at work. No I am working I swear!

In case you don't follow all the stuff I write, I tend to fall into rabbit holes online about Wichita Falls. I found a weird one last week about the song, "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls." You can read all about that here. Today, we're going into an Ebay rabbit hole and seeing what folks are selling from our city.

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First of all, holy crap are people selling Wichita Falls postcards like crazy on Ebay. For every one item from Wichita Falls, then next 25 things for sale will be postcards. So if you do some searching, be prepared for that. Also, matchbooks are also popular. I can see people collecting postcards, but matchbooks? Hey whatever you're into, have fun with it.


However, in the stuff that I found. I am sharing the things that, 1. I would buy, 2. You're selling this for how much?, finally 3. Who would want to own this? We will see if you find these items as interesting as I did. By the way, if anybody has any Wichita Falls Dallas Cowboys training camp stuff they want to send my way it would be appreciated. Don't be charging me an arm and leg like some people on Ebay are.

Weird Wichita Falls Ebay Items

If you type Wichita Falls into Ebay, what will you find? Here are some of the strange items I found for sale today.

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