The internet can lead to some interesting discoveries. This may be one of the most interesting ones we've seen in a while. Wichita Falls is known for many things, but this disco song from 1979 definitely isn't one of them.

A German band called Witchcraft recorded this song and released it on their 1979 album 'Outside Inn.' Not much can be found about the group on the interwebs. They recorded two albums for Phillips records and then seem to have split up. They did, however, make some TV appearances in Germany, but they usually performed their song 'One Way Street' which was the closest to a hit that the group had.

How a German disco group ended up singing a song with English lyrics about a town in North Texas is still a mystery. But, in a time like this, instead of asking questions, it's best to just listen to the song. Click the video below and dance the night away with 'Wichita Falls' by Witchcraft.

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