Love mermaids? Well then you need to make your way down to the mermaid capital of Texas.

For some reason, the world has gone mad over the race of mermaid. Without a doubt, my favorite reaction to the new 'Little Mermaid' trailer is that little girl above. Sadly, some people are legit angry at mermaids now. Hopefully this weekend's Mermaid Fest is still a go. Oh, you don't know about Mermaid Fest?

Turns out San Marcos, Texas is the mermaid capital of our state. I had no idea I could go see some mermaids right here in Texas. Apparently tomorrow starts a month long celebration of all things mermaid. A parade will be taking place in town and afterwards a downtown street festival with live music.

So why mermaids in San Marcos, Texas? Well you know how here in Wichita Falls, we have horses all over our city painted in different colors? In San Marcos, they have mermaid statues all over their city. Apparently back in the 50's and 60's a popular amusement park was in the town that featured an underwater mermaid show. All these years later, the legends of the San Marcos mermaids live on.


Some people think they protect the San Marcos springs. The San Marcos Springs are the third-largest collection of springs in Texas. Never in recorded history has the river run dry. So maybe the mermaids have something to do with that? Nowadays, the San Marcos mermaid society is a group that dresses up as mermaids and swims in the springs to collect trash and maintain it's cleanliness.

So if you ever want to see a mermaid, just make your way to San Marcos.

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