People gathered at Houston National Cemetery yesterday for a flyover to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe were in for a shock.

According to ABC 13, Amanda Hill and her family were standing near her grandparents’ graves for the Lone Star Flight Museum flyover as a tribute. Her grandfather, Robert Eugene Marsh, was a first lieutenant assigned to a division known as the Bloody Hundred. The division was responsible for bombing runs over Germany.

Once the flyover ended, Hill and others noticed a woman in a red minivan trying to leave. However, she couldn’t get around the cars that were parked there and after three attempts to get around the traffic jam, she started running over graves.

The incident was caught on cell phone video by 19-year-old Jeremiah Johnston. Even though she had the driver side window down and people were yelling at her to stop, she just kept on going. At one point, Hill’s mother approached the van, but the woman driving told her she “had to get out.”

The good news for the Hill family is that her mother stood in front of the van when she noticed it was heading for Lt. Marsh’s grave. Once it became clear the woman wasn’t going to stop, Hill’s mother jumped out of the way, but she was successful in keeping his grave marker from being run over.

No headstones were damaged, but the woman did cause an estimated $1,000 in damage, mostly to the sprinkler system.

The driver has not been identified as of right now.

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