Want to be a world traveler without leaving Texas? Check out these places.

Athens, Texas

That's right, the capital of Greece. Right here in the Lone Star State.

Canadian, Texas

Just driving up north for some french fries and gravy sir. Stay right here in Texas without having to deal with the Canadian dollar.

China, Texas

I trip to China can be quite expensive. Good thing we have a China right here in Texas.

Dublin, Texas

Since I am Irish, I would love to visit Dublin one day. Good news, we have a Dublin right here and the next one is even weirder.

Ireland, Texas

That's right, we also have an Ireland in Texas.

Egypt, Texas

Sadly, I am not finding any pyramids in our Egypt. Honestly, not finding anything to do in Egypt, Texas.

Italy, Texas

The country we know that looks like a giant boot, could actually be a Cowboy boot? Maybe in Italy, Texas it is.

Turkey, Texas

Maybe named after the animal, maybe named after the country. Either way had to add it to the list. Apparently PETA tried to get them to change their name to Tofurkey (yes it's real look it up).

London, Texas

Not only do we have London here in Texas, get ready for the next one.

New London, Texas

Woah slow down, we got a New London as well? Get out of here regular London!

Paris, Texas

Without a doubt the most famous town on the list. I love they fully embrace the town name. Eiffel tower with a big cowboy hat on top. Paris, Texas does it right.

Palestine, Texas

Yeah, saving the strangest for last. Actually named after Palestine, Illinois. Which is named for Palestine in the bible, the land of milk and honey. I am sure I missed some in Texas. If you know of any others let me know.

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