With Election Day finally here, it's time for these strange and sometimes confusing political ads to finally pay off.

Whether you live in Iowa, Washington State or right here in Texas, chances are good that you've been subjected to some sort of political advertisement. Some of them may even be decent enough to make a good point. Most though are just senseless and hateful bashing of opponents.

So we give you some of the best, and by best I mean funniest, political ads from this year. The final two are the best.

And be sure to go vote. Do we really want these kinds of people running our government?

1. Estakio Beltran - Washington State

2. J.D. Winteregg - Ohio

3. Kelly Kultala - Kansas

4. Joni Ernst - Iowa

5. Rob Maness - Louisiana 

6. David Dewhurst - Texas

7. Jeff Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota 

8. Bob Quast - Iowa