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Win a Cruise + Chance to Sing at Fourth in the Falls!
Have you ever dreamed of sharing your singing talents in front of a live audience? Here's your chance to let your inner star shine brightly while singing our National Anthem live on stage at the 2018 Fourth in the Falls event at the MPEC in Wichita Falls!
Man Kicks Wichita Falls Officer in the Nuts During Arrest
Low blow sir.
Last Wednesday, Wichita Falls police were sent to the Wayfarer Motel for a welfare check. A man was reportedly sitting outside of his room crying and police were called to make sure everything was OK. Officers attempted to talk to the man, but he would not respond to their question…
Texas Man Accidentally Shoots Nine-Year-Old After Shooting Snake
You got the snake! Good. Then you shot a kid. Bad.
Some details have been released on shooting in the Sweetwater area over the weekend. A nine-year-old went to a ranch just southwest of Roby, Texas with his mother's friend. At some point during the day, the two encountered a snake...
Wichita Falls Woman's Extreme Weight Loss Reveals Bigger Problem
You may remember Wichita Falls resident Tiffany Humpert's amazing transformation on the television show 'Extreme Weight Loss' back in 2015. After losing so much in her life, Tiffany decided it was time to lose the weight, and she's lucky she did because the weight she lost actual…