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Lemonade Company Helping Kids That Got Fined for Selling Lemonade
You see stories over the summer all the time about a kid getting fined by the cops for having a lemonade stand. Well one company is willing to pay that fine now.
I know here in Wichita Falls we have the annual Lemonade Day. Where kids setup lemonade stands throughout the city to learn about running a…
30-Year-Old Leaves Parents' Home With Help From Alex Jones
The 30-year-old man whose eviction from his parents' suburban home drew national attention finally left Friday, hours before a court-ordered deadline, with financial help from right-wing radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Trump Meets Privately With Families After Texas Shooting
President Donald Trump spent more than an hour Thursday offering private condolences to some of the families affected by this month's deadly Texas school shooting, the latest spasm of mass violence in a year marred by assaults on the nation's schools.