I know it gets hot in Wichita Falls but going outdoors once in a while is important! Going outside has been proven to have numerous health benefits. So grab some sunscreen and a water bottle and go outside! Here are some of Wichita Falls best outdoor activies to give you some ideas on what to do


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Flying A Kite



Wichita Falls is the perfect place to fly kites. We even have a park that was specifically designed for kite flying! Kiwanis Park is a large 60 acre park located off Southwest Parkway east of Fairway and is the only place in Wichita Falls designated exclusively for kite flying. We have high winds and clear blue skies. Kites are a cheap way to have fun with friends and family. Another plus side, you can fly I kite anywhere! So no need to jump in your car you can do it in your own backyard. Just stay clear of trees!


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Walking is a great workout. It's therapeutic and a great social activity. Wichita Falls has numerous beautiful locations to walk around. The museum pond by Midwestern, Lucy Park, and the concrete path that goes around town past Lake Wichita Park and Hamilton Park. Just watch out for the bike riders around the trail!


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Mountain Biking



Mountain biking is a high calorie burning outdoor activity. You can mountain bike through the narrow trails at Lucy Park or across the broad fields at Lake Wichita Park.


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There are a lot of tennis courts around Wichita Falls. Tennis is a fun sport to play with friends and a great workout. Don't worry if you're not very good at tennis, it just means you get more of a workout when you have to chase the ball constantly. To find a tennis court near you just type your zip code at tennismaps.com.


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Disc Golf



This is a fun activity that you can do at Lucy Park, Lake Wichita Park and Lake Arrowhead State Park. It only costs the price of a frisbee or disc, which you can get online or at High Flyer.