DeMarco Murray has been on fire this season. Leading the NFL in rushing yards, but according to a former teammate DeMarco is causing some trouble in his household.

This has not been a good year for the NFL. Ray Rice elevator video, Adrien Peterson's child abuse case and the worst crime imaginable. The Seahawks watering down their beer. It seems like a NFL player each and every week is in the news for some off the field issue. This time it is my very own Dallas Cowboys.

In fact one of the best players on the team this year. With over 1,400 rushing yards he is the number one running back in the NFL. With one month left in the season, the Cowboys don't need any distractions. Well this past weekend a former teammate to Demarco put him on blast on Twitter.

Brennan Clay went to Oklahoma University with DeMarco Murray back in the day. According to Brennan's story he found some messages between his wife and DeMarco. Brennan Clay and his wife have deleted their Twitter accounts. If this happened while DeMarco was at Oklahoma, I think the time has past for you to be mad at him.

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