We have a moral obligation to feed and clothe those among us who cannot do it for themselves.  I have no problem with offering help to those who need it.   But it makes my blood boil to see someone pay for their food with a Lone Star Card (Texas' application of the FDA 'food stamp' program) and then bust out a $50 or $100 bill and pay for smokes and beer.  I've seen it happen no less than three times in the last four or five years and I'm sure it happens every day.  When I read this article, my head nearly exploded.  This man is a leach upon society.  He'll lose his 'benefits' soon enough, but just to think that for months, this guy has been stealing from the taxpayers! Here's the story and what the government is trying to do about it from USA Today

Meet Leroy Flick-The Food Stamp Millionaire