It's always a better Monday being at work when the Cowboys won the day before. This moment yesterday had me cracking up.

Right now the Dallas Cowboys have the best record in the NFL after defeating their NFC East rival the New York Giants on Sunday. One moment during the game honestly had me laugh out loud yesterday. Thanks to the amazing technology we have nowadays the microphones picked up this amazing gem.

Romo during a play yesterday designated Jameel McClain as the 'Mike' linebacker. This is usually how the offensive lines determines their blocks. Well Jameel McClain wanted us to know he is not the 'Mike'. He actually proceeded to scream 'I AM NOT THE MIKE, HEY MAN I AM NOT THE MIKE!'

I know he was just trying to mess with Romo, but it had we cracking up during the game yesterday. Remember you can listen to all the Dallas Cowboys games on NewsTalk 1290.

Check Out the McClain Vine Below: