People get pay raises for lots of reasons.  This, however, is a new one to me.  A company in New York is offering its entire employee’s a 15 percent pay increase if they’ll get the company’s logo tattooed on their body.  That’s right, a pay bump for getting inked.  CBS New York reports that New York City’s Rapid Realty has seen 40 of their staff members get the company logo body art.  It’s a serious undertaking.  Tattoos are painful to get and both painful and difficult to get rid of should you ever suffer buyer’s remorse.  Mind you, the employee gets to pick how large and where the tat will be, but just the same, it calls for very careful consideration.  A 15 percent pay increase can be pretty lucrative.  If you make $50k a year, that’s a $7,500 per year bump.  Not too bad!  So, how about you?  Would you take the plunge and get your company’s logo tattooed on your body for a pay raise?