Yes, I understand times have changed, but seriously, did they have to arrest her?

I don't know what the exact age was when I started going around my neighborhood by myself. I remember riding my bike around my neighborhood unsupervised. Well this kid wanted to go to the park about half a mile away from their house. His mom let him and what happened next she was not expecting.

Dominic on his way to the park walked by a public pool where people questioned where his mom was. Dominic, I am going to assume, is not allowed to talk to strangers and ran toward the park. The people at the pool called the cops and they picked Dominic up to take him home. Once, Dominic was brought back home his mom was arrested for child neglect.

Dominic has a cell phone and his mom constantly checks in on him at the park. It's a ten minute walk from their house. I may be in the minority on this, but I don't have a problem with what she did. She definitely should not have been arrested for this.

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